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Why Us?

DM Cladding have gained the reputation of being customer-devoted, professional cladding specialists over the past 8 years. But is customer service enough to make you trust us with your cladding project? We say, definitely not! We give you more reasons than this one.

Qualified Team
At DM Cladding, all our trades people are on our rolls. They are recruited through a careful screening process wherein their qualifications, accreditations and references are checked exhaustively. When you call us for your cladding work, you can entrust your family and house’s safety with our team of cladders.
Not only this, each member of our team is fully trained before they are sent on field. We leave no room for error. Training and development is an on-going process at DM Cladding.

High Quality Material
Our cladding materials are sourced from the very best in the market. We use the best quality, environmentally friendly materials for your house cladding. All our tools and equipment are upgraded to the latest innovations in industry technology and guidelines. All this means you get the premium finish that will last a long time!

Why Cladding Is The Right Choice For Your Home?

Cladding is a proven energy-efficient weather-resistance solution for protecting the exterior of your property. It has many benefits, some are enumerated below to help you make up your mind:

  • Gives your property an immediate brand-new look
  • Boosts the value of your property
  • Insulates your building against extreme temperatures
  • Flame proof
  • Sound proof
  • Termite proof
  • Corrosion proof
  • Extremely durable and low on maintenance
  • Quick to install, economical on the pocket
  • Available in myriad colours to suit your taste and style

Getting a new house constructed or renovating your old one?
All the construction terminologies giving you jitters?
Don’t know squat about what material to use for your house’s external cladding?
Worried about good-quality cladding burning a hole in your pocket?
Looking for a quick cladding solution for your home or office?
Give your worries a rest and call DM Cladding today!

Types of Cladding

We have a plethora of options in style, material and colour for you to choose from. Some of the claddings we use include:

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels
At DM Cladding, we use Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) in our claddings. AAC panels are available in varying thicknesses and can be used in many applications including walling, flooring, fencing and party/boundary walls. AAC is lighter than concrete and is a better option for cladding systems owing to its thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties. AAC panels are the future of exterior cladding for residential as well as commercial buildings.

Expanded Polystyrene systems (EPS)
EPS panels are made of expanded polystyrene then coated with polymer-modified render and a fibreglass mesh. EPS panels are a lightweight and versatile cladding with great thermal properties. EPS has many applications and can be used for walling, bulkheads, thresholds & fencing.

James Hardie Fibre Cement Systems

  • Scyon Matrix
  • Scyon Linea
  • Scyon Axon
  • Scyon Stria
  • ExoTec Raw

CSR Cemintel Range

  • BareStone
  • Territory
  • Surround
  • Full Cemintel product range can be offered

Scyon Stria Cladding
Scyon Stria Claddings contain horizontal ship-lapped joints which are primed in advance and are very easy to install. Best suited for classic, long-lasting look, these claddings are the quicker, modern answer to age-old brick laying technique.

Scyon Matrix Cladding
Scyon Matrix Cladding are best suited for modern, contemporary looking buildings. These contain geometric, expressed-look joints, which can be combined in multiple ways to form different designs.

Scyon Axon Cladding
Scyon Axon Claddings contain vertical grooves that give a building a sharp and primeval look that is durable and easy to install.

PrimeLine Weatherboard
If you are looking for a cladding that is easy to install, gives a character-inspired look and is low on maintenance, PrimeLine Weatherboards are the solution for you. These are primed in advance and painted on-site. You can play with different designs from contemporary to traditional to Victorian – to pick the one you love the most for your house!

DM Cladding has a cladding service available to suit every style, every budget and every requirement. If you have something in mind, give us a call today and we can even customize the cladding systems to suit your needs. Our team will help you get the house of your dreams without any stress to you!

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